Significant causes of the U.S Civil War, Compromise of 1877, key terms and people

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1.Significant causes of the U.S Civil War

oSlavery was a growing moral issue in the north, versus its defense and expansion in the south

oConstitutional disputes over the nature of the federal Union and state rights

oEconomic differences between the industrialized north and the agricultural south over such issues as tariffs, banking and internal improvements

oPolitical blunder and extremism

2.Key People in the Union and the Confederacy

oLee: Commanding the Army of N. Virginia, he took the offensive in the 7 Days Battle and beat the Union army at the 2nd battle of Bull Run. Lee repulsed Union advances at the battles of Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville and Grant's assaults in the Wilderness Campaign. Lee surrendered to Grant at Appomatox Courthouse.

oJackson: At the 1st battle of Bull Run Jackson earned his nick name when he and his brigade stood "like a stone wall." Serving under Lee, Jackson flanked the Union army to set up the Confederate victory at the second battle of Bull Run.

At Chancellorsville Jackson again flanked the Union army but was mortally wounded by his own troops.

oGrant: In 1862 he captured Fort Henry and Fort Donelson in Tennessee, barely escaped defeat at the Battle of Shiloh and ended Confederate control of the Mississippi in Vicksburg. Commanding in the West, he thoroughly defeated Bragg at Chattanooga. He directed the Union army in the Wilderness Campaign and he received Lee's surrender.

oMcClellan: He was criticized for overcaution in the unsuccessful Peninsular Campaign and removed from command. Called on again in 1862, he checked Lee in the Antietam Campaign, but he allowed the Confederates to withdraw across the Potomac and was again removed. He would run for president in 1864.

oSherman: He fought in the Vicksburg and Chatanooga campaigns and ge undertook the Atlanta Campaign. He burned...