Significant Life Experience

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Entering the small office through the glass door, I noticed a friendly looking woman sitting at the desk in back. Noticing me enter she politely asked me to have a seat until she was finished with the person at her desk. I told her I had an appointment with Jane. She informed me that Jane would be returning any moment.

I surveyed the brightly lit room for a place to sit. There was a stout table with a few scattered papers and three chairs lined up along the glass wall. The main office sat directly across from the chair in which I took up residency. There was a rumbling inside me that I could not control as I sat waiting patiently.

The glass door opens and a tall, sophisticated woman enters. She casts a glance in my direction and I respond with a smile. The woman seated at the desk looks up from her work to acknowledge the new arrival.

"Jane," she begins, "this lady is waiting to see you."

I felt the twinge again. Feeling unsure of what she would tell me, I wanted to disappear from the room. Jane looked at me and reached out her hand.

"Hello." she began as she took my sweaty palm in hers. "You must be Jennifer. Please have a seat."

"Thank you" I replied graciously.

Jane seated herself in the chair and placed her folded hands on the desk. "What can I do for you today?" She waited patiently for my response.

"I've come to get the results for the CAT test I took the other day," I replied nervously.

"Are you planning on returning to school?" she questioned while rummaging through the pile of papers on her desk

"Yes, I would like to finally graduate" I confessed.