How significant was the role of Albert Speer in Hitler's plans for winning World War Two?

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To effectively assess the significance Albert Speer had in Hitler's plan for World War Two we must look at

what Speer accomplished in regards o the war effort. Firstly, it is important to realise that it is unclear

among historians what Hitler's 'plans' actually were. Pluralists believe Hitler wanted a war-but had no

fixed plan, he was, instead, an opportunist. Structuralists believe he had no long-term plan, and responded

merely to pressure from domestic crisis' (hence there was limited economic and military preparation).

Internationalists believe he did have a major war planned, we need only look to his diplomatic and

militaristic aggression of the 1930's for proof, and his anti-Bolshevik and anti-Semitic sentiments.

However, it would appear that Hitler hope to gain power over Europe largely by skillful strategy - timing

was essential. He hoped to build up Germany's strength quicker than any other country and through rapid

mobilisation defeat his enemies by overwhelming them separately with lightning campaigns.

Whether this

was planned in detail previously, or worked out along the way, remains to be seen.

In the early years of the war, and prior to it, Speer was only Hitler's architect, and would not become

Armaments Minister until 1942. His role as an Architect was of a tool for pro-war propaganda. His deigns

(including the Olympics) gained recognition for the Germany, and provided them with further proof of th e

superiority if their race. In this way, prior to the war Speer helped to dismantle public resistance to war by

removing any moral qualms about social Darwinism, and in the early years helped to keep up public

support of the war, and moral. High moral would in turn keep the workers efficient, going hand in hand

with Goebbels to drum up support for the total war effort and the...