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MBA Cover Sheet and Own Work Declaration

Candidate Number: 279701

Title of Course: Marketing Culture and Society

Submission Date: 10th March 10, 2008

Title of Work: Sikhism

Question Number (if appropriate): N/A

I confirm that all this work is my own except where indicated, and that I have:

Clearly referenced/listed all sources as appropriate

Referenced and put in inverted commas all quoted text (from books, web, etc)

Given the sources of all pictures, data etc that are not our own

Not made any use of the essay(s) of any other student(s) either past or present

Not sought or used the help of any external professional agencies for the work

Acknowledged in appropriate places any help that we have received from others (e.g. fellow students, statisticians, external sources)

Complied with any other plagiarism criteria specified in the course handbook

For group work, we certify that all members of the group have made a significant contribution.

I understand that any false claim for this work will be reported to the Proctors and will be penalised in accordance with the University regulations.

SIGNED: 279701



People may be religious, atheists or agnostic. Religion has become a service that one can choose to follow. Religion is a way by which the individual can address and answer some of the questions of life that are hard to explain. It may be seen as in case of Douglas and Isherwood that religion or spirituality may be almost a human need. It is not a biological need essential for the physical survival it is a psychological need that is necessary for the human race.

Sikhism is one of the youngest religions in the world. It originated in India in 1469 with the birth of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Now it...