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! August 19, 2014

Suicide or murder?

In the article "The Strange Death of Silas Deane" historian Julian Boyd points out several

interesting facts about Silas, his friends, and his life in general. Julian Boyd investigated very

precisely, he broke all the facts down piece by piece and analyzed them till he had a full

understanding of everything that was brought to attention by others. By breaking down the facts

like he did, you are able to have a clearer understanding of what was going on in Silas Deane's

life at the time of his death and become aware of the people who were against him. Julian Boyd's

main purpose while investigating Silas Deane's death was to try and get to the bottom of the

rumors about his death and teach people what history is truly all about. As stated in the article

history is not just what happens in the past but how the historians deliver their information on the

facts. Several things happened in Silas Deane's life the day he passed away but only a certain

few are truly important when trying to solve the mystery of his death. One of the most important

facts had to do with a good friend of Silas Deane named Edward Bancroft.

Although, it seemed evident that Edward Bancroft was a good friend of Silas Deane, facts

that Julian Boyd discovered would make you think otherwise. Yes, they were good friends at one

point but towards the end of Silas' life Bancroft had every motive to turn against Deane and

murder him. Deane and Silas worked together for several different occasions and they both

helped each other achieve things that if anybody ever found out would cost them their

reputations. Julian Boyd did an excellent job...