Silence, What Do You Hear?

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Assignment: Sit in a room for 15 minutes with no sounds or distractions, than record what you heard.

: Silence?What do you Hear? I sat there silently starring at the wall. I started to see little shapes forming on it creating eye candy. ?Am I seeing something, or was it really happening?? I thought to myself as I starred motionless. I could feel my pupils swelling and my stomach started to turn. ?Was it from the psychedelic drugs I had taken previously?? I pondered to myself. As I started to convince myself I was hallucinating, I began to laugh and thought ?How could I be? I have never done psychedelic drugs before?? The room was silent and I quietly breathed amongst myself for 15 minutes. Sitting on the ground was starting to get uncomfortable so I shifted into a laying position. I laid quietly on the ground looking at the ceiling and started to think to myself.

I started to see things in my room which I have never noticed before. The small corner where the paint is flaking off, the larger chip taken out of the porcelain sink, the tiny holes on the walls from hanging up photos of my close friends back home, and so much more caught my attention. I was unsure if I was noticing these things because there was no music playing, my room mates weren?t yelling to each other through the walls, and the hookah wasn?t making bubbling sounds which is consistent from day to day.

My ears felt as if they were slowly clogging up. Ear wax was pouring down into the tubes of my ears because I was paying such close attention to what I was listening to. I looked over at an open drawer and pulled out a Q-tip and quickly...