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Silicon. One has probably heard the word before, but what, exactly, is it? Well, that question will be answered, along with some other information in this document.

Silicon's atomic number is 14, it's weight is 28.0855 (3), and it is a non-metal.

Silicon was discovered when a man named Jöns Jacob Berzelius was in Sweden. He discovered the element and named it "silicis" meaning flint. He also discovered another element, but it turned out to be a compound.

Silicon is very important in modern technology. If silicon wasn't discovered, this might have been typed on a typewriter. Silicon is on of the main "ingredients" in computers. It also helps women with breast cancer. Silicon can be shaped and replace some of the body parts affected by breast cancer. These are two good reasons that silicon is important today.

Silicon is not poisonous to the touch. One can easily touch silicon without any side affects, like growing extra limbs.

Silicon can be found Silicon is not particularly toxic but finely divided silicates or silica cause major damage to lungs. Long term exposure to silicates such asbestos is a severe health problem. 55 Below is a list of some compounds made with silicon: name: silicon (IV) fluoride formula weight: 104.079 formal oxidation number of Si: 4 name: silicon (IV) chloride formula weight: 169.896 formal oxidation number of Si: 4 name: silicon (IV) bromide formula weight: 347.702 formal oxidation number of Si: 4 name: silicon (IV) iodide formula weight: 535.703 formal oxidation number of Si: 4 name: silicon (IV) dioxide formula weight: 60.084 formal oxidation number of Si: 4