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I am a man in full support of the "Great Commission Company" ideology, in fact one day I want to be apart of a company who holds these ideals, however, there are some questions that I have in regards to these companies. I know the book uses the scriptual reference of Paul the Apostle being a full-time leather worker during much of his ministry, but this reference has little or nothing to do with the concept that a Great Commission Company holds, as Paul was more like a person who worked to provide for himself to do ministry (i.e. like a missionary who teaches English). Beyond this reference of work and ministry, the bible does not really give much scope on the compatiblity of business and missions. With this in mind, "How can we be confident that we should combine business and missions?" A business' sole purpose is to create revenue, and by adding missions to the equation that would change its purpose, so with this change could it still be considered business? In my mind it seems it could no longer be considered business because the core fundamental has been altered and been replaced with a higer priority; so if it came down to it, the company would give up all profits to sustain the effectability of missions thus forfiting business aspect.

Just as a Church works much like a business, because of the other variables in the equation it should never be called a business, that is as long as it stays true to its purpose.

My major is International Business and I hope that one day I will get the opportunity to do business with China, however, I still struggle with my motives for wanting to do business. I want to make money, yet also...