Silver and Gold

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Silver and Gold

Standing in front of church with the microphone in my hand, I began to feel nervous. Everyone was looking and waiting for me to sing a song that has power and deliverance.

I was not raised in a church and my parents did not make me attend church. I wondered why I did not have to attend church and everyone my age did. Sunday morning's came and I saw my cousins and friends drive by on their way to church. I wanted to be with them to see what church life was like. Jovonna Johnson a close cousin of mine, has a religious family. Her mother a missionary and farther a deacon made two nice people. They always asked me to attend church with them. I always said no because I knew what my parents would probably say.

Momma, "I want to go to church." She turned her head and looked at me in a strange way? "Whom do you plan to ride with," she said? Jovonna I replied. She thought about what I had said and simply replied by saying, "yes.". I ran to my room with excitement. I began to look through my closet and notice I had no church clothing. I began to get angry because I had nothing to wear and I knew my ride would come at any time. Finally, I came upon a sun dress I wore to school often. This dress was my favorite. I slipped on the dress, found my brown saddles and hurried back into the living room so my mother could comb my hair.

I stood beside the road waiting for Jovonna and her family. I saw their big white van pull around the corner and stop in front of our house.

Mrs. Johnson...