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Theme in "The Silver Mine" In "The Silver Mine" the story is about this group of people who find a mountain that has silver in it. They end up taking some of the silver to a mineralogist to see the value of the mineral and they find out that it is silver. Later some of the men end up dying because all the money is corrupting them. "The Silver Mine" is by, Selma Lagerlof who has won the Nobel Prize as the first women ever to receive the prize. An abundance of money that you have not earned can corrupt you.

First of all this group ends up finding the silver and they take it to the mineralogist and they find out that they are going to be rich. "Let us see that you make such good use of this that it will prove a blessing both to yourself and to the country, for this is Silver" (225).

This quote shows that they are going to be rich because of the silver that they have found according to the mineralogist. At first they never realized how rich they were going to be because they never new that the mineral that they found was actually silver.

Also the money that they found they really didn't earn it. They just happened to stumble upon the silver and took it to the mineralogist just to see what it was. My next quote shows how the silver really wasn't there's and that they didn't actually own the silver. "He was thinking how wonderful it was that at home in his poor parish stood a whole mountain of silver ore, waiting for him" (226). The man new that the silver wasn't his and that he would end up being rich even though that they didn't earn the silver.

Then in the end they money ends up corrupting these people and even results in death. The next quote is of a man who died as a result of the money and silver. "Last night he drove off, full as he was, and the wagon turned over and he was killed" (226). This person the innkeeper died off being drunk. He claimed that he would never have to worry about anything anymore and that all he was going to do is drink alcohol.

Having an abundance of money that you don't deserve can corrupt you and your friends. This group of people got their abundance of money from the mineral silver that they found. They really didn't deserve or earn the mineral or money at all. They were lucky they even found the silver at all. Then in the end the money ends up corrupting some people in this group. Overall this fairy-tail was quite interesting and was enjoyable to read.