Simon Bolivar the Liberator

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Simon Bolivar is often referred to as the liberator. He brought independence to 6 nations in South America.

Born in Caracas Venezuela in 1793, he was brought up in an upper class home and attended boarding school in Spain when his parents died and he was left as an orphan. Bolivar's education continued until age 18 in Madrid when he met his wife. The two of them returned to Caracas. His wife died 6 months latter of an unknown illness. Deeply sanded by this Bolivar retuned to Europe. He for the first time learned about Napoleon and was greatly impressed by how Napoleon basically declared himself into power. Bolivar dreamed of one day coming into power like Napoleon had.

After being told that South America was "ripe for independence" by Alexander von Humboldt, Bolivar made a vow to liberate South America. Desire for freedom already existed in South America, but in 1808, Spanish government was changed and during the chaos of the regime change, Argentina broke off relations with Spain and declared its self a free nation.

In 1811 Venezuela fallowed after the Spanish general overseeing Caracas was overthrown by a group that included Bolivar.

When the Spanish attacked Venezuela in an attempt to regain control, Bolivar who was leading a division of the Venezuelan army was defeated at a major port. Other Venezuelan officials used this as a means to retreat and end the war. This infuriated Bolivar who organized a new army of his own and over through the Spanish once again in 1813. As napoleon had once done, Bolivar declared himself dictator. Political problems lead to civil war and Bolivar fled to Jamaica.

While in Jamaica he gained support from locals as well as Haiti. He once again brought a new army into Venezuela...