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Product or Service3

The Market3



Management Team3

Capital Requirements/Goals4

Financial Plan4

Start Up Cost4

Financial Statements4


Our company's mission is to provide comsumers with the best quality classic cars on the market with superior service.


Classic Quality Used Cars was founded in January 15, 2003 and sells and consigns classic cars for sale. It is a Corporation. Our office is located at 10712-101 Ave, Edmonton, AB.

Product or Service

Classic Quality Used Cars sells classic cars and also sells consigned cars, aswell as classic car parts.

Presently, we are taking in consigned automobiles, this is showing growth. We plan to follow this by purchasing outright classic cars and parts and selling for a greater profit.

Critical factors in the industry are availablity of the cars and parts. Our company is unique because there are no companies within the city that deal specifically with classic cars and that gives a market advantage.

The Market

We are looking to make classic cars available to the public. We feel that out services reaches everyone from man to woman, young and old. However, we are targeting the older market, people looking for cars from their past.


We have no direct competition, but there are alternatives to our service in the marketplace. Our product is unique since there are no other competitors in the city, but the Ineternet and eBay make parts and cars also readily available.


The greatest risks we have in our business today are market risk, the lack of supply. We feel we can overcome this by also going online and opening the country to our service.

The opportunities before us are significant; we have the opportunity to dominate a niche in the marketplace if we can bring awareness to our...