Simple Delights

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Living in a world without discipline and hardships can be, well, easy. We take things for granted as the youth of America. We don't understand what it is like to not have everything right that at our fingertips. Everything can vary from a simple meal to a place to live.

My house may not be the nicest, or biggest for that matter, but it keeps us dry, safe, and warm. My meals may not be the best quality or anything the most fancy of restaurants can offer, but it's enough. I don't want to think yet about going to college because meals won't be there and parents won't either. I will be alone, longing for a tasty meal. Longing for those warm, mushy mashed potatoes and home-made country gravy (my favorite) or maybe wanting that gross meatloaf I never wanted before. I'll want it then, because i cannot have it.

Some kids never even get to first handedly experience these simplicities most of us think nothing of. They have no home, no parents, and no food. Sometimes they even have little of themselves left to live with. They have maybe a few bony, defined ribs to count but counting isn't possible, because they probably never went to school. We have everything handed to us, fingertip by fingertip we gain our belongings and such, but never once stop to think.

An unstable, soggy, wet cardboard box houses small kittens and is lined with sign that reads "free". We walk right by. Nobody realizes that this is a home for those kittens, and in some places: people. We can't take what we have for granted, it's immoral.

I for one, think. I think about all the things I have. I have a brother, I have 2 parents, a house, some food, and...