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Slide- Impact on society.

Slide is an inclined plane, it works by sliding someone or an object down from a certain height. Slide works as an inclined plane, it helps sliding objects down because of the slope surface of two uneven ends, this created an angle for the slide. Since the surface of the slide is not flat, the gravity allows the object slide down the surface, using this way, it could reduce the risk of dropping or damaging the heavy objects while bringing it to lower grounds. Inclined plane was found in the ancient times to make work more easier.

The problem before slides were invented were during the ancient times, people found lifting or moving heavy objects takes lot of effort and time, and at the same time the risk of dropping it or damaging it increases. To solve this problem, they first started off rolling rocks from the mountains to the ground, by rolling or sliding they realize it could reduce the time of bring it down, damaging or dropping it when lifting down the mountain.

Slide helped to solve the problem by sliding down heavy objects to lower grounds. Nowadays, slides were improved by different scientist and it became one of the main playground facilities for children to play with.

This device could effect the world a lot. Because it is already known as a world-wide outdoor playground must have. If the slide was not discovered by people before, many people will get injuries and a hard time to move things. The pros are it could let things move things from higher ground to lower ground more conveniently without using as much force or the risk of damaging the object easily. The cons are the shorter the slide is, the more steep it will become and...