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The Simpson's Personality Paper Traits are things that make up a person's personality. There are many personality theories that apply to the Simpson's family, but the three that I am going to focus on are the Big five theory, the body type, and the theory of phrenology.

The big five theory is made up of the following sub-categories: extraversion, stability, openness, agreeableness, and conscientious traits. When comparing Bart to Lisa Simpson the differences are very apparent. Bart is the anxious, fun-loving, ruthless, disorganized, imaginative one. Whereas Lisa is the calm, sober, practical, softhearted, organized character. These characters are as different as night and day, and so is the big five theory. One can learn a lot about another person by simply going through the big five theory and asking questions.

The body type theory works perfectly for Homer and Marge Simpson. Homer is the epitome of the endomorphic body type.

He is round and jolly. Although he gets frustrated easily, he is overall a "happy-go-lucky" type of guy. Marge is best described as ectomorphic. She is tall and thin with a high-strung personality. The sad thing about the Simpson's is that not one of them holds the mesomorphic body type, not one of them is physically attractive or truly bold.

Bart Simpson is the character that best fits the phrenology approach. I don't think that only because of the amount of bumps on his head either. He has the type of personality where it could be partly from genetics because he is quite like his old pop. The bumps that are on the skull make up one's personality and one gets those bumps from genetics so it only makes sense that Bart fits the phrenology approach because his personality is humorous like Homer's.

No matter which personality type I...