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General Speech Purpose: To Inform

Specific Speech Purpose: To Inform my audience about the sitcom 'The Simpsons'

I. They have eight fingers, yellow skin, wacky hairdos, and a severe case of an underbite.

A. They are the typical american family, but far from your average 'Cleaver household'

B. The Simpsons are the new generation of quality television sitcom families.

II. The Simpsons were a runaway hit ever since their first season.

A. The show generated ratings that placed it among the top 15 shows in the Nielsen ratings during its original run.

1. It continued its success into the summer, pulling top 10 ratings throughout the summer rerun series.

2. The show's success prompted every self respecting trend follower to wear a Simpsons t-shirt.

B. It is one of the only animated series in prime time and it still produces solid shows every week..

III. Their success is based primarily on the show's satirical nature, characterization, and


A. Cartoonist Matt Groening drew the Simpsons in the image of the nuclear american family.

1. The Simpsons' is a joke on traditional sitomcs because its characters are so far removed from what has always been thought of as the 'norm'. When in actuality, they are truly the 'norm'.

a. Up until the Simpsons, American television viewers were merely exposed to a typical upper-middle class professional family with wise parents and generally well-behaved children. Such as the Cosby Show, Family Ties, and Growing Pains.

b. Unlike those shows, The Simpson family consists of Homer, a bone headed father, Marge, a mother whose greatest accomplishment is keeping the family members from killing each other, Bart, a lazy, mischevisous son, Lisa, a sweet and intelligent, but moody and self pitying daughter, and Maggie, a baby girl, who has yet to say her first...