-The simpsons- Ridiculing Americans

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-The Simpson's-

The Simpson's have just achieved their 300th episode. If you watch the show with a religious intensity akin to The Pope and Catholicism like I do. A Simpson's script literally reads like this: set up, punch line, set up, punch line, set up, punch line. You can tell from watching the show it's literally one joke after another, which is much different from a live action sitcom that has more story development. Every character has their own personality, and having over 100 characters it makes the show very funny. Homer is usually the star of each episode and he basically can do whatever he wants. In one of the episodes I chose homer tries to save Christmas. Through out this episode Homer along with the rest of the characters take many humorous shots at American culture.

It's Christmas time and the Simpson clan is especially looking forward to opening gifts.

Bart's idea of a Christmas present for his mother (and for himself) is a tattoo. Marge is less than pleased, particularly when all of the family Christmas savings must be used to pay for its removal. Homer learns from his boss that he, along with the other "semi-skilled workers," will not be receiving their usual Christmas bonus. Once he realizes there is no money at all for gifts, he panics. He doesn't tell his family the truth of the situation, and wallows in despair and Duff beer. Then following his pal Barney's example, Homer sets about getting himself hired as a part-time Santa to earn the cash. Marge's sisters are in town to celebrate the holiday with the Simpson's. They put additional pressure on the situation, making disparaging remarks about Homer and sniffing at the lack of Christmas trimmings. Bart inadvertently discovers what his father is...