Simulating War

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Simulating War

Chapter 1

Grenade! Bang! Fall back, fall back! "Johnson, hold the right and call the air strike." "Rodger Sir, Falcon's Nest come in, come in. The target is painted, I repeat the target is painted!"

The radio gave a squeal and came to life, "Rodger, were on our way." "Sir they're on their way." "Good job Johnson we'll be out of here in no time." SNIPER! BANG! "UUUGGGHHH!" "Sir, Sir are you all right?" "Johnson you're in command," said Colonel Robertson in a faint voice, "Tell Alpha and Bravo to take the village two clicks from here, and..." "Sir, Sir? You can't die here, Sir? Crap." How could something like this happen?

"Falcon's Nest come in, Colonel Robertson is dead, I repeat Colonel Robertson is dead. Come in Falcon's Nest, come in." The radio crackled to life for Johnson to hear, "Mayday mayday, we're going down, Falcon's Nest is going down."

Johnson looked up to see the blazing fire ball which made it look as if there were two suns. Then it happened, Falcon's Nest three bombs made to blow up the bridge, just blew up, still in its hangar bay. There was an eerie silence.

Chapter 2

Johnson got his M4 ready and started running to were Alpha and Bravo were waiting. "Where is Colonel Robertson?" asked one of the soldiers in Bravo. "He's dead, but we have no time to mourn. The Colonel's last order was to take the village about two clicks from here." "But sir what about the bridge, we saw Falcon's Nest go down." "Leave that objective to me. But first, half of you give me one grenade." Nine men walked up and handed him their grenades. "When you hear the first explosion, start making your way to the village. Alpha you will...