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In the three simulations, "Thinking Strategically", "Developing Grand Strategies" and "Creating a Strategic Roadmap" several situations were presented under various conditions with several choices available at each decision point. The simulations involved companies that were able to identify their current position and the vision of where they wanted to be in the future. Different analytical tools were provided in each simulation to help understand the capabilities and the limitations of the each tool. Each simulation involved changing conditions in the external environment.

Thinking Strategically

In the "Thinking Strategically" simulation, a bicycle manufacturer uses SWOT and matched pair analysis to identify strategy ( University of Phoenix, 2006). Using both internal and external environmental information a five-year goal is selected. Based on the comparison of the firm to the industry and external environmental information about the industry and the consumers strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats are identified. By using the matched pairs analysis, components of each group such as strengths are matched against components of other groups such as opportunities to identify potential strategic objectives.

In this simulation marketing towards the previously ignored women market segment was repeatedly surfaced in the matched pairs analysis.

Developing Grand Strategies

In the "Developing Grand Strategies" simulation, a toy manufacturer is faced with changing market conditions (University of Phoenix, 2006). Using internal and external environmental scanning, a SWOT analysis and the Grand Strategy Clusters matrix, the proper quadrant is identified for the company at this point in time. Once the quadrant is identified the resulting strategy is based on a set of strategies in that particular quadrant. The Grand Strategies Clusters matrix is a 2 X 2 cluster of 15 Grand Strategies based on the growth rate of the market and the company's competitive situation in that market. one of...