Since the day i met you

Essay by vampire-chick June 2004

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Through life's wanderings, people have passed me by;

Never once sparing me a second glance.

My life was black, white, and shades of gray.

Cold and colorless was the world around me;

I felt so alone. Something was missing,

Until you came into my life.

Your eyes sparkled with a joy I'd never felt before.

Your smile lit up everything around you.

You opened my eyes, showing me the beauty of this world;

A world I want to share with you.

When I laugh, you laugh too.

When I cry, you comfort me.

When I fall, you're there to pick me up.

You understand how I feel;

You're sensitivity, endearing.

We're made for each other.

Two hearts beating in unison.

Since you came, I'm not alone anymore.

The world has color now, it doesn't seem so big.

My life has changed, for the better of course,

Since you came.