Since the introduction of Dex-cool in 1996, vehicle owners have been plagued with problems.

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Problems with Dexcal

Since the introduction of Dex-cool in 1996, vehicle owners have been plagued with problems. The Intention of this project is to provide unbiased information about the use of Dex-cool and problems associated with Dex-cool, to those individuals that need it. The project document is intended for the use of General Motors to guide policy changes and recalls, if deemed necessary.

The primary target audience of this project are high-level engineers and administrators within the corporation. The engineers and administrators are educated professionals with a clear understanding of how the cooling system on an internal combustion engine work. It is assumed they have an above average knowledge of vehicles and vehicle manufacturing. They may not have specific knowledge of the properties of Dex-cool. These individuals make policy changes and/or issue recalls.

It is anticipated that corporation legal staff will use the project documentation for work in ongoing class action litigation.

Again, it is assumed that the staff has an above average understanding of vehicles. They possess a through understanding of warranty issues.

It is anticipated that warranty underwriters will use the document. They also are educated professionals and will need to use this document to make any warranty changes that the corporation deems necessary.

It is also anticipated the project document will be used be dealer liaisons and dealer service managers. They are the front line representatives of the corporation to its Consumers. They are well trained in customer service and posses a through knowledge of the vehicles the service. They will need this information to maintain good customer relations.