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Sing Me a Death Song

by Jay Bennett

"Sing Me a Death Song" by Jay Bennett is a fictional crimestory set in the USA.

Jay Bennett, a master of suspense, was the first writer to win the Mystery Writers of America's prestigious Edgar Allen Poe Award for best juvenile mystery in two successive years. The Skeleton Man was nominated for the 1986 Edgar Allen Poe Award. Bennett is the author of many suspense novels for young adults, as well as successful adult novels, stage plays, and television scripts. His latest book with Fawcett books was Sing Me A Death Song. Mr. Bennett lives in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

The mainsubject of the book is death. Jason and his mother are both nearer to death than anyone would like to imagine. It is very interesting to see how they handle the situation.

The language used by Bennett is not very hard to understand.

He uses a lot of adjectives to describe the feelings of Jason, the main-character. There are also a lot of dialogues and inner-monologues.


Marian Ross is the mother of Jason, an 18-year old boy. She was sentenced to death for murdering her lover. Jason wants to prove her innocence which seems nearly impossible because the case looks so clear to everybody. At some stage even Jason doubts his mother's innocence. The boy has been living with his aunt for almost 13 years.

When one day even the lawyer of Marian says that there is no more chance of proving her innocence, a foreigner speaks to Jason and tells him that he was the policeofficer who investigated the case and who said his mother was guilty. He says he has now found enough proofs for her innocence and knows that the crime was committed by a...