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Emily Cerimele

Mr. Perkins

Honor's Chorus

14 January 2014

Analysis of Proper Singing

The human voice has the power to create beautiful, unique music that has the ability move one to tears. These tears are often due to the emotional impact a song has on a person, but in some cases, these tears are the body's response to a terrible, uncomfortable sound- the sound of somebody singing terribly. Lack of correct posture, good tone, proper breathing and sufficient support is to blame in this situation. However, many fail to understand the need for the in-depth overview of how to sing properly, or for some reason do not think that it applies to them. Practicing supporting vocal tone, technique, good posture, breathing, diction and expression will drastically improve a singer's voice and many listeners would be thankful.

One of the foundation skills that one will need to master is proper body alignment.

"The way you hold your body will affect everything from your breathing to vocal flexibility" (Aussie Vocal Coach). In order to practice the correct body alignment, ones feet should be a shoulder width apart and weight should be equally distributed. Also, the chest should be somewhat high but the shoulders relaxed and low. Lastly, according to Ian Castle, one should lengthen the back of the neck and maintain a centered position of the head.

Not only is body alignment significant to the singing process, correct posture is equally important. For correct singing posture, the chin should be about parallel to the floor, abdomen flat and firm and in an expandable position, knees loose and relaxed and the weight of the body slightly forward (Browning-Henderson). Some professionals suggest several exercises to practice proper posture. For example, standing in a slouched position then changing to the correct position can...