Singing: Self Expression at Its Best

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The Goal of singing is sharing with other people at least a little of what it means to be a human being on this earth. Music sung expressively may cause people to tap their feet, snap their fingers, sway with the music, or dance. They may also just "feel" in still silence, or cry, or perhaps laugh. Singing always brings a reaction. That kind of sharing transforms an ordinary moment of life into a focused, feeling-moment. When you sing, you can feel that moment flowing out from inside your self and into other people. You created that feeling-moment. You made it happen. That is self expression and that is the ultimate goal of singing. The voice is the oldest instrument known to mankind, the fundamentals of singing such as breathing and posture, Vocal Placement known as Fach and vocal hygiene are all very important things that all singers should know about.

The first basic thing a person does to make any sound with their mouth is by breathing and exhaling. You must breathe to sing and oxygen is a singer's best friend. There are four ways to breath. The first way that most everyday people breathe is with the upper portion of the lungs by raising and lowering the shoulders. This causes stress and tension in the neck which interferes with your voice. The second way of breathing is with the diaphragm. The Diaphragm is the muscle located between the lungs and abdominal cavity. This muscle when used expands vertically and allows air to fill the lungs fully from top to bottom giving the singer more air to sing with which makes long phrases easier to sing in one breath when necessary. The third way you can breathe is by expanding the ribcage also known as a "wall breath" which...