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We've all watched Sex and the City, a sitcom that celebrates successful single working women in Manhattan. It's great to be an independent young professional, we've thought. But is real life in Indian metros similar? Far from it, actually!Arti Shrivastava, a derivative trader, 22, agrees, "I've faced a lot of problems, lodging being the biggest. At the beginning, me and my friend looked for flats and PGs (paying guest accommodations). The rates for women were much higher. When we decided on a PG, we found the food to be unhygienic. The landlady kept introducing silly rules by the day, because of which we decided to leave the PG. When we were leaving, our landlady refused to pay us back the security deposit of Rs.10,000 that she'd taken from us, stating that according to the contract we'd had to remain in the PG for two years and only then it would be returned.

We hadn't signed any such contract, and when we asked her to furnish it, she refused."Being asked why she did not file a complaint, Arti says "We went to the police station to file a complaint, but our parents told us to refrain from doing so, saying that the PG owners had been living in Delhi for several years, and had many powerful contacts. They worried for our safety."Aparajita Sinha, a NGO worker, 24, says "Conveyance is a big problem, especially at night, since we sometimes work late hours. When someone offers to help you, you must be wary. They may have bad intentions."Apparently, this is the situation many women find themselves in. In Delhi, Amar Colony and GK are places where many single women live in either rented apartments or as paying guests. In Amar Colony Police Station, though Constable Suresh Menon concedes these women...