Single gender versus co-educational schools pros and cons

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Single-Gender Vs. Co-Educational Schools

I believe that co-educational schools are a better choice compared to single-gender schools. I don't see any harm in single sex schools, but I don't see any real overwhelming benefit either. I don't think that anything is to be gained by separating the genders. People in the world are male and female. School is a part of the world. It shouldn't be hiding real-life scenarios, schools should prepare them for these situations by having boys and girls work together in a constructive environment.

I think that boys and girls should grow up, interact, and live through similar situations together, before adulthood. And even though there are differences among the sexes, kids should become accustomed to those differences and learn to accept them. Why should we try to persuade our youth that the sexes are so different that they can't learn together in the same environment? What are we teaching them then?

The idea of a co-ed school sounds like the best learning and socially growing atmosphere for a few reasons.

First of all, girls and boys should be expected to perform up to their potential no matter who is sitting next to them in class. Secondly, if separating the sexes is a measure to academically shelter girls in the name of nurture, what happens to them when they're faced with a classroom full of guys once they reach college? Or a meeting room full of men when they start work? If it shouldn't matter then, then why should it matter in high school geometry? Another reason is that if one of the most important arguments for why single-gender classes are more beneficial is to eliminate romantic distraction, what about gay and lesbian students? Should we send them off to the opposite class? And finally, romantic...