Single Malt Scotches

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This article is only a basic description to understand a little bit of how Scotch is made and to understand where the different tastes of scotches come from. When looking at different wine and spirits one of the most looked on spirits are scotches. Scotches are divided into five categories: single malt Scotch whisky, single grain Scotch whisky, blended malt Scotch whisky or vatted malt, blended grain scotch whiskey, and blended Scotch whisky. We will be mainly focusing on single malt Scotch whisky. Let's dissect the word "Single Malt." Malt indicates that the whisky is distilled from a "malted" grain, either barley, rye or wheat are some example of grains that can be malted, however for single malt scotches, barley is the only grain used. The Single indicate that the malt came from a single distillery. Through this paper we will be focusing on five categories to understand scotches.

They are: what is whisky, history of scotches, regions of different single malt scotches, a brief introduction of how scotches are made, and the taste of scotch.

What is whisky?

Scotch and Whiskey are interchangeable and is "an acquired" taste said by many, but it is an art. It does get a while to get used to. It has a high alcohol level then wine and beer. Unlike other alcohols, which are either made of grapes, calvados, potatoes, or yeast, whiskey is made out of grain. It is like beer in a sense, where Scotch is distilled. The main difference between beer and whiskey making is called the "wash," when distilling it produces a lighter and smoother spirit.

History of Scotches

Scotches started off in Scotland. The first entry or written record of whisky production in Scotland from malted barley is by Friar John Cor. Through the...