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(Your Name) English 11/2/2001 My father was never strongly apart of my life, besides the first three years. My mother, (name), raised me playing her role along as the role of a father figure. I am just one of four children my mother had to deal with and manage a full time job at the same time. By my siblings and I viewing the struggle my mother went threw at times, we decided we didn't want our future to be like that and that we would take care of our mother just as good as she did us. As life passes, I notice great values my mother holds. She is very responsible, hard working and independent, all qualities I felt have brushed off on to me.

We always lived in good apartments and never fell alseep hungry. My mother did the best she could to keep us in good living conditions.

Even though we never made it to Disney land, we had our fun times. Birthdays were good and Christmans was great. When it was time to shop for clothing, my mother did her magic and always managed to buy us brand name clothing. My mother taught me how to handle my business and be responsible in life.

Some days I didn't have a chance to see my mother. At times she was forced to work two jobs to pay the rent on time and make sure there was food on the table. She would already have left for work by the time I would wake up in the morning and I would already be sleeping by the time she got home from her second job. It would bother me to sit there and see my mother laying on the couch exuasted from work, but I knew I would work just as hard as she did to make sure her future will be more relaxive and comfortable. Also I know that I would work even harder to avoid the long stressful years she went threw.

Pops wasn't around, I was forced into being a mama's boy. She did it all by herself. Properly raise four kids, kept food in our stomachs and a roof over our heads, all by herself. By watching my mother, I figured out how to manage my life on my own and not have to depend on other people. I believe my mother did a good job. My sister, (name), is a graduate of Katherine Gibbs and works for the attorney general. My other sister, (name), is a nurse's assistant still attending college. My younger brother and I are still in grade and focused on success.

Thanks to my mother I've developed three main values, I am responsible, hard working and independent. With these qualities, I feel I can accomplish anything I want and get threw life successfully.