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What Are The Effects Of Growing In Poverty?

In a world where thousands of families are living in abject poverty, and 22,000 of children die each day as a result. Poverty is one of the biggest problems we face today, and its direct result causes so much pain, and suffering in our planet.

As a young man who grew up in Haiti, the country that the world labels as the poorest country in the American Hemisphere, I have seen the effect of poverty in many cities in Haiti. I have seen children who grew up without their basic human needs being satisfied. But still have to wake each day to face life and fight to remain alive. Some of those children are as young as 8 years old; they have to beg for food in the streets corner. I have seen adults who could not tell if their names were written on a piece of paper.

They lived life without knowing the pleasure of a traditional literacy. And most importantly, i have seen the effect of poverty here in the United States of America.

In America we are fortunate to have resources made available by tax dollars allocated through the government. If you meet various criteria and you apply for benefits, you are able to receive help with food through the SNAP program also known as Food Stamps. Depending on your income and family composition, you will be awarded a certain dollar amount to feed your family. These benefits are strictly for purchasing food items at your local stores. In addition to Food Stamps, mothers who are pregnant and have a child age 5 or younger also qualify for the Women, Infant and Children program also known as WIC.

They provide infant formula and other important nutritional...