Single Parenting

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Single Parenting and the Effects it has Upon ChildrenA single parent is someone who cares for their children without any aid from another person at home. Raising a child can be very stressful for a single person, but it also gives various benefits. Single parents are able to manage and communicate with their children in a better manner somehow. By running their families alone, they strengthen their parenting skills and are more dependable. With the rising numbers of parental divorce and children born out of wedlock, increasing number of children is experiencing living in a single-parent household.

Reasons that led to single parenting:A parent may become single abandon after being ditched by the other, after getting divorce, by the other parent being jailed; unforeseeable incidents like death of the other parent, separation from the other parent, changes in marriage and cohabitation or the issue may occur if the child is born to a teenage mother or unmarried mother.

Factors Influencing the Development of Children:There are many factors that influence the development of children living with single parent. These include occupation, income, parent's attitude and behavior, contact with the other parent, discrimination, education, parent's age and support from the extended family and friends.

Characteristics of single parent families:•Single parents have the authority of taking the decisions solely.

•This is considered as a freedom but gets very challenging most of the times.

•In hard times or rainy days, they miss their partners and wish for them to be there to share the problems they are facing in raising the child.

•Children of single parents are expected to help their parent in running the family. This puts pressure on them as they have to look after their lives too.

•Every house chore is discussed with the children.

•The income is usually difficult...