Single-sex Education

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Separate sexes, is it a key for young people's successful? The debate over single-sex school being good or bad can be easily taken from either side. In the past, it was unpopular for people taking a child out of regular school and placing them in a single-sex school. But today the new idea about putting kids in a separate sex school is spreading out and become a problem. Single-sex school is not a solution for young people's success because 90% of kids attend elementary and secondary public school. Therefore, coeducational school is always a best choice for young people to count on successful.

The first benefit of coeducation school is girls and boys can work together to develop skills and interact to each other. Boys are usually good at math and science while girls seem to be better at languages. In fact, our society is not only a single- sex; people will work together with the opposite sex as a group later on.

On the other hand, coed school aren't limit of teaching academic matter, they also teach kids how to be better in life. Kids need reasonable attitudes toward the other sex and segregation can really disrupt part of learning in their life. Think of woman's history class, girls thought that it was unfair for them being home and taking care of kids and family. Girls never think of being home is part of culture moral. Men must earn a lot of money in order to raise a happy family, so they need to go out and try to achieve a good position in society. In order to a best result, man must have a wholeheartedly woman who can be fulfill their dream by taking care household job for him. In fact, it will be difficult...