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The Making of the Titanic

Bruce Ismay was the MD of the White Star Line who made Titanic.

Titanic was made in Harland and Wolff.

11,300 workers built the Titanic.

No expense was spared .

Thomas Andrews designed the Titanic

The design

Titanic had 10 levels.

It had a double bottom.

It had 20 lifeboats.

Everything on the Titanic was brand new.

The Titanic could carry 3547 people.

It weighed 67,063 tonnes.

Over 500 people could fit in 1st class dining room.

Life on Titanic

Crew included chefs, bakers, butchers, firemen, and engineers.

1st class had an 11 course meal, 2nd class had a 3 course meal and 3rd class had beef stew, bread and tea.

There was a gym, Turkish baths and a library

A Night to Remember

Gentlemen and women were relaxing after meals.

Titanic was going to fast.

They had 9 iceberg warnings but chose to ignore them.

They didn't tell the passengers that the ship was sinking for a while.

Many of the life boats were sent half full.

The Titanic was sinking very fast.

Monday 15th April 2.20am Titanic finally went under.

The people in the life boats sailed away as fast as they could before they got sucked down with the Titanic .


The iceberg was as big as 1/10 above sea level and 9/10 under sea level

The Titanic sink Sunday the 14th of April at 11:40 pm

One of the captains tried to steer it away from the iceberg

The Titanic sunk in the North Atlantic Ocean


At 12.35 the Titanic was sinking.

The 'Unsinkable' Molly Brown helped people into her lifeboat.

Carpathia and Californian were the ships who came back to pick up survivors


Out of 2200 people only 706 survived.

Thomas Andrews, Captain E.J. Smith...