Sir Donald Bradman

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The Don

Enter Don Bradman, only needing just four runs to retire with an average of 100. Easy for a man with 508 runs so far in the series and against an England side weakened by the war and trailing 3-0.

But as Bradman was cheered to the wicket on that Saturday evening a leg-spinner called Eric Hollies was about to provide an unscripted ending.

Bradman takes guard. Hollies whips the first ball down and Bradman get in and behind the ball gently koncking it away. Hollies charges in with his second, Bradman step back and plays it onto his wicket. Out on his last innings, bowled for a duck.

Sir Donald Bradman is an Australian sporting hero. His achievements on the cricket field from 1928 to 1948 are still among the world's best. He's the only Australian ever knighted for services to the game of cricket.

The boy who became a cricket legend was born in 1908.

His family lived in the country, not far from Sydney. Don Bradman was a small boy who was very quick on his feet. His school didn't have much sport, so Don invented games to amuse himself. One of his favourites was to hit a golf ball against a tank stand with a cricket stump. Don left school when he was fourteen and didn't start playing cricket seriously until he was sixteen. In one of his first matches he scored a massive three hundred. It wasn't long before the New South Wales cricket selectors wanted Don in their team.

In 1928, he was selected to play for Australia against England. He had just turned twenty. Don scored a century in the Third Test, but Australia lost the series. He was soon hailed as a run-scoring machine. Playing in a state match Don...