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Sir Donald Bradman or more commonly known as "The Don" was one of the most important sporting heroes in Australia and the world's culture. He is widely acknowledged as the greatest batsman and sportsman of all time. He finished with a test career of 99.94 over 39 runs higher than the next highest. He was Australia's sporting idol throughout the height of the great depression and a whole different type of bowling was made just to combat his superb brilliance (body line).

Bradman was born on the 27th of August 1908 at Cootamundra in Western New South Wales. He had a brother, Victor, and three sisters-Islet, Lilian and Elizabeth May. During his early childhood he invented a new solo cricket game using a cricket stump as a bat and a golf ball as a ball. He would hit the golf ball against a water tanker mounted outside his house to practice.

This way of practicing cricket is now part of Australian folklore.

Bradman had an outstanding cricket career. Bradman had a harsh first test match he was caught on a sticky wicket and the Australians were all out for 66 runs in the second innings and they ended up losing by 675 runs. Bradman only scored 1 and 18 in the two innings. He was dropped to 12th man for the second test however was made to play after a teammate had an injury. He scored 79 and 112 and became the youngest player to score a test century. He continued an outstanding career and ended as the most consistent and best player ever. He ended his career with an average of 99.94 and is rated the best sportsman ever, not just for cricket. He holds many records until this day which include most double centuries, most triple centuries, highest 5th and 6th wicket partnerships, most centuries scored in a single session of play, most double centuries in a test ect.

Bradman left a massive legacy when he died in 2001. He was inducted into the cricketing hall of fame. When the Australian Cricket Hall of Fame was created in 1996, Bradman was made one of its ten inaugural members.] In 2000, Bradman was selected by cricket experts as one of five Wisden Cricketers of the Century. Each of the 100 members of the panel were able to select five cricketers: all 100 voted for Bradman. Over 1.5 million people watched his funeral and dozens of high profile peoples attended included the current Prime Minister, the opposition leader, many former Prime Ministers including Bob Hawk, many retired and current test players including Richie Benaud.

In conclusion, Sir Donald Bradman had an extremely great historical significance. He was the best sportsman in the world and gave the people of Australia and the world entertainment during the Great Depression. His way of practicing cricket is part of "Aussie" folklore that most know.