Sir Gawain Hunting Scenes Vs Bedroom Scenes

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Are You Sure That's All You Have For Me? Are You Sure That's All You Have For Me? The heroic poem of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight is a story of a young knight, Sir Gawain, having his pride and knighthood tested. It is not a test that he will know of, so all his reactions will be what he thinks are the right choices. Beside the main game between Sir Gawain versus the Green Knight, there's also a very important game that actually builds the whole story, along with showing Sir Gawain's true character. This second game, between King Bercilak and Sir Gawain is actually the core of the poem. It will help enhance and teach the final lesson to Sir Gawain when he finally meets up with the Green Knight. As a matter of fact, I don't know how the Green Knight can teach a lesson about superfluous pride to Sir Gawain without this second, or hunting game.

This second game is about the king going out to hunt, while Sir Gawain stays at the castle and somehow has to get something to trade with King Bercilak's catch of the day. Except in Sir Gawain's case, he is the hunted and not the hunter. This is shown right away in his first encounter with Bercilak's wife in his bedroom. But before we get to that we need to realize that since Sir Gawain is being hunted by the lady (Bercilak's wife), we have to contrast his actions to the animals that Bercilak is hunting himself.

Bercilak hunting for deer is the first of three hunts. In this first hunt the deer don't want anything to do with the hunting party, so King Bercilak and his men are forced to round up the scared deer fleeing from the...