Sir Isaac Newton

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Many people feel that scientist Isaac Newton is mentally ill. Most of us in Europe think that every day events are controlled by mysterious spirits. Some feel God is pulling all the strings. Now along comes this ill-tempered mathematician who has begun shattering everybody's world view. Isaac Newton's studies show that a measurable force called gravity governs how the Earth and planets revolve round the sun, and determines how things work the way they do here on Earth.

Born in the manor house of Woolthorpe, near Grantham, in Linconshire, on the date of Jan 4, 1643, Newton's early encounters with education were a complete failure. He was idle and inactive in grammar school because the lessons were too slow and they bored him. This inattentive behavior lead to his mother's decision to pull him out of school. Luckily his uncle pushed for him to go to his old school, Trinity College, Cambridge, or else Newton might have ended up a farmer.

Nobody has ever affected the day-to-day lives of ordinary people such as you and I as much as Newton' s discoveries have. He is a pioneer in laying down the foundations of the laws of mechanics and dynamics and statics and various other aspects of physics. He also created many of the laws of optics such as convex-concave mirrors, and about how prisms work through refraction and reflection.

Sir Isaac Newton believes his greatest achievement or invention is the discovery of The Law of Universal Gravitation. Newton began to think about Gravitation sitting under a tree one day in 1666 when an apple fell from the tree. He began thinking that if the apple fell to the earth, then why didn't the moon? Then he figured out that there was a force coming from the core...