Sir Isaac Newton

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Isaac Newton

The life of Isaac Newton could be divided in three basic sections. First his childhood from 1643 to 1669, which spanned his boyhood days to his chair appointment. Secondly from 1669 to 1687, which was a highly productive period when he was a Lucasian professor at Cambridge. Then finally consisting of the last period where Isaac was a highly paid government official in London.

Isaac Newton was born in a manor house of Woolsthorpe, located near Grantham in Lincolnshire. The calendar at the time showed him to be born on Christmas day, but in the "corrected" Gregorian calendar it shows that his birthday was January 4th 1643. He descended from a family of farmers, and tragically never knew his father whish passed away 3 months before Isaac was born. Although his father was a wealthy man, made this way by land ownership and livestock, her was completely uneducated and could not even sign his own name.

When Isaac was two years old, his mother Hannah Ayscough was remarried to Barnabas Smith. Smith was the minister of the church in North Witham, a nearby village. Isaac was at that time left in the care of his grandmother Margery Ayscough. He did not have a happy childhood and was basically treated as an orphan. Understandably Isaac was very bitter towards his mother and step-father. At age nineteen he examined his own sins, making a list which included "Threatening my father and mother Smith to burn them and the house over them".

His step father died in 1653, at this point Isaac lived with his mother, grandmother, a half brother and two half sisters. Around this time he also began attending the Free Grammar School in Grantham. The school was only five miles from his home, however he chose to lodge...