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Sir Norman of Alexandria I, Sir Norman, was born on May 24, 1288. I was born into a large manor in the town of Alexandria. My father, Sir Otto, is lord of the manor.

When I was a child, my room was in a top tower of our manor. When I would wake up, I would put on my indigo silk clothes (indigo was my favorite color). After I woke up, I would go downstairs to be taught by Father Lector. Fathor Lector is from the church that my family and I go to. He taught me basic arithmetic and the Latin alphabet when I was three and four.

When I was four, I met Malcolm Douglas Wigram. He was born in the same year as me, and we quickly became best friends. Our favorite game was playin tag. We would run all the way through Alexandria while we were playing.

As I got older my father began to dislike Malcolm. He said that I was not supposed to see Malcolm anymore because he was a serf. I was very upset because I had lost my first best friend.

As I got older my life changed a lot. I would have to work with my father during the day. He taught me how to fight with a sword and a spear. He made practice using a ten pound sword. After working with my father, I would go home and get dressed for a jousting tournament between the lords in our town. I could usually win these tournaments because I am very good at jousting. After the tournament I would go back home. My wife would be waiting for me so we could have dinner together. We would talk about the tournament I went to and her day. I have been married to my wife, Clara, for six years. Our marriage was arranged by my father. At the moment, Clara and I decided not to have children.

When I was fifteen I had to go to Camelot because my father needed me to deliver a package. On the way there I met a knight on the path. He approached me and said, "Halt who are you to be traveling to Camelot?" I replied "I am Sir Norman of Alexandria. I am retrieving something for my father, Sir Otto. He said, "I am Sir Malaciean II of the Golden Planes. You look like a man of great strenght, I challenge thee to a duel.

We went into a fierce battle. First I tried to slash him, but he quickly moved out of the way. Next he swung his sword at me and connected. He wounded me in my arm. I became mad and tried even harder. I began to swing my sword fiercely at him. I connected twice, once on his leg and once on his arm.

We both decided that we should not die, so he asked to be my personal guard. I accepted, then we continued to Camelot. I got my package, then we went to Alexandria. My father took the package, and greeted us. He liked Sir Malaciean and they became friends.

My wife and I decided to have a child when I was twenty seven. We named him Neville. He looked exactly like me except he had his mother's eyes. Every day I would go to a joust with Sir Malaciean. Normally either he or I would win the joust. Then I would go home to see Clara and Neville.

My last years were lived in Alexandria. I died during the Great Invasion of Alexandria when I was thirty three. Since Treno was invading, Sir Malaciean and I immediately went to the battlefield. We met a very skilled knight named Sir Duncan. We challenged him to a duel. First Malaciean went into battle with Sir Duncan. They battled for about an hour and a half. In the end Sir Duncan stabbed Malaciean in the chest. I became enraged that Duncan killed Malaciean. I attacked him with everything I had, but I could not defeat him. After two and a half hours of battle he sliced my neck, which killed me. I believe that my life had much meaning because I was the father of a child and I died with honor on the battlefield.

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