Sir! Yes, sir! Delegation and the United States Marine Corps

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Sir! Yes, sir! Delegation and the United States Marine CorpsAbstractDelegation will be described and discussed. Details of the delegation process will be provided and examples will be given. Delegation within the United States Marine Corps will be addressed in the conclusion.

Delegation is one of the most important skills that an effective manager can have in his or her toolbox. Delegation is not a way for a manager to get the job done. Delegation is a tool for a manager to use to have others get the job done. If a manager never delegates, subordinates never gain a sense of worth or grow in their competencies. In order for a manager to successfully delegate, certain criteria must be met. Climate, determination of objectives, knowledge of workers and their abilities, plans must be developed, channels of effective communication must be established, progress must be monitored and feedback given, and final evaluation of results with assignment of new tasks are all steps that must be followed by management at any level for successful delegation.

When a manager places value in the feedback of subordinates, a climate for delegation is established. Subordinates will understand that they have the ability to contribute to the success of the company. Workers gain a sense of worth when the ideas they contribute are given the attention of senior leadership. Even a company as large as United Parcel Service encourages the input of their workers. The workers at UPS are challenged to find more than one solution to a problem.

Before delegation can take place, a manager must ask themselves what it is he or she is trying to accomplish. Once they have answered that, they must develop a list of tasks or jobs that must be accomplished for successful completion of the goal. Managers often develop...