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I like sisqo and i Dear Grandma, How are you doing today? I'm doing pretty well. Everyone has been telling me that you called and they have also been telling me to call you back. So, instead of calling I decided to write you. But of course I'll call you probably tomorrow. I want to thank you for the shoes. Tomorrow we have new classes in school and that is the day when we get our report cards. I have 16 credits right now and the school board said that if I pass all classes then I will have 20 and I will need only 6 more in order to graduate next year. Mom and Dad had just got back from Austin cause mom had surprised your son and they had a good time. They had left Fri. and just had got back Sun. I was by myself while Anita was spending the night at somebody's house.

Now this summer Mom and Dad are going to Hawaii in the summertime and if I get enough money then I will be able to come to Jacksonville this summer. Tell Auntie Elaine that if I do come down this summer then I want to see her "Jetta". We saw Rashad and Auntie Linda in Dallas during our Christmas break. I was able to go to Rashad's work job and it was pretty cool. I really don't have much to say because I don't really do much because I'm always outside, but when I call you I'll have a lot to talk about. You know, when I was by myself I wish timone were with me to keep me company. I still love and miss him. I also love and miss you to and I wish I were with you so that we could spend some time together. Well I'll talk to you tomorrow or tonight. Bye.

With love from Your grandson