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Tea Revolution Situation Analysis The 'Tea Revolution' has been introduced to the Czech market by a company named, Tazo. Before creating the brand the company conducted a research which indicated that tea sales in the US have exceeded $5 billion in 2002, in comparison to 1990 sales -of only $2 billion. Hence the category growth offers new emerging tea companies a good opportunity to win a large market share. Since the industry is dominated by brands, such as Lipton, Twining, Pickwick and such, there is a good opportunity to innovate and bring out, new, more improved variety of tea brands. Successful launch of the product in the US, allowed the company to expand throughout the world, as "Tea Revolution" offers more improved technical innovation, along with attractive easy opening sachets that are 'environmentally friendly', which appeals to a large number of costumers. Apart from technical innovations its offers emotional advantage attached to the product.

It creates a story about how tea helps to revitalize, relax, and boost self-confidence along with preserving the consciousness of the environment.

ToolsTarget audience for "tea revolution" is middle-upper, middle class consumers, age ranging from 20 and on. They are for people, whom are concern about the environmental issues and healthy lifestyle.

A presentation of new tea on appropriate exhibition will introduce the product to relevant media, lifestyle, travel and fashion industries. It will be a combination of tasting and giving away samples of different flavors teas and tea drinks. There will also be a conference held at a later date, where tea experts will explain about the various tea ingredients and prepare a demonstration on different tea preparation techniques. Following the presentation and positive press release, the brand will be established as a leading world expert in the tea market. Next step is...