Six Sigma, How to develop a Black Belt Project

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This paper will discuss the basic concepts and strategies that are involved with Six Sigma and will define the basic steps involved in developing a Black Belt project. There are five stages that are required to perform for the completion of any Six Sigma Black Belt project, these stages consist of; Define Stage, Measure Stage, Analyze Stage, Improve Stage and the Control Stage. This paper will define each of these stages and explain what tools can be utilized in each stage to maximize potentiality of your project. This paper will also discuss the key milestones for each stage and how they affect that particular stage. At the end of each stage their will also be several key questions that a manager should ask while performing this stage of the project.

In the body of the paper there will be numerous references to specific qualitative, statistical and instructional devices used for observing process variables and their relationships as well as managing their character, these references will listed in the appendix because there were just to many to place within the body of this report.

This paper will briefly talk about Design of Experiments and how to utilize them during the improve stage of your project.

To summarize this report there will be several key topics discussed that pertain to the definition of a successful project.

Defining Six Sigma"Quality is free. It's not a gift, but it is free. What costs money are the un-quality things, all of the actions that involve not doing jobs right the first time.

Quality is not only free; it is an honest-to-everything profit maker. Every penny you don't spend on doing things wrong, over, or instead becomes half a penny right on the bottom line. In these days of "who knows what is going to happen...