The Six Thinking Hats.

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Edward De Bono was born on the Italian island of Malta. His father a professor of medicine had great influence on his son as well as his uncle who was professor of surgery. His mother although not an academic, she gave Edward courage to do things being a Journalist. He was educated at St. Edwards College in Malta and was always 3 or 4 years above the class he should have been in. He became well known character to the other students who came to know him as "Genius". Even the teachers treated him differently giving him his own key to the main laboratory (the only student to have one). After that he graduated from the Royal University of Malta as a doctor. Then he went of to study Psychology at Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard and in London.

In 1969 he wrote the book "The Mechanism of Mind" and soon after created as to what is well known as the six thinking hats framework.

The hats were designed to help people think laterally in order to find an answer to a certain problem. These hats helped people focus on a particular way of thinking in order to find out the answer they need instead of just looking at the whole problem at once. The thinking hats are looked at as strategical points of view on a particular subject. They are also used to organise people's thoughts so that you can look at one area at a time.

In this assignment, I will be using De Bonos framework to respond and analyse the statement "Individual communities should be allowed to decide what laws affect them." I will first define the statement and then I will present the positive and negative sides to the statement. I shall also state my...