"Sixteen Candles" and the 80's.

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"Sixteen Candles" gave me the feeling of emptiness after I finished watching it. Somewhere deep down, subconsciously, I tried to recollect and think of the movie in its entirety. As I began to think of the whole movie plot, storyline and characters and try to interpret the movies overall message, I found that I couldn't. It had been entertaining for sure, and had even gotten me grinning or laughing at some of the humorous antics, but I couldn't place what I got out of it. Now, I realize that some movies are very subtle in their messages and you have to think real deep into some of the character representations, plots, and symbols that are evident in the storyline. However, this just didn't seem to be one of those real deep movies to learn anything from.

Of course if anything could be gotten from this movie, I would say that it actually portrays what many high school-ers believe as far as the significance of their high school career as it pertains to their life.

For me, now in college, it seems that everything in high school doesn't matter anymore. My friends and other associations are almost long since forgotten even though it was less than a year ago. All the things that seemed so important and worth watery eyes during the four years of high school seem very trivial in my current outlook of the world around me. The same could probably be said for many of the challenges that I have endured throughout my life. But, as I grow older all those challenges, those big leaps that were so hard at the time really don't seem all that hard anymore. All that being said, "Sixteen Candles" paints that picture of importance on high school. So...