Sixth Sense Or Nonsense

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Sixth sense or nonsense: In an article written by David G. Meyers he explains that half of Americans say they believe in extrasensory perception (ESP) and another quarter are not sure. The phenomenon of ESP has boggled people's minds for some time now and has been studied by Parapsychologists all over the world. In times past, there have been such erroneous presumptions that the shape of a persons head determined how he would act or that there are tiny human beings living inside every sperm cell. When faced with claims of mind reading or telepathic behavior, how do we separate crazy ideas from those that sound crazy but are real. One way is to test it and find out. Trying To find one hundred percent validity in the possibility of whether people can reveal the contents of a sealed envelope, influence the roll of a die or draw a picture of what someone else is seeing at a remote location has been an orderly task.

There have been hundreds of psychologist who have scratched their heads in amazement at people who can perform these tasks and succeed at a rate of about eighty five percent accuracy (Psychology 201). Are there people out there who can see through walls and tell you what your thinking? The human mind is a vast playground for conscious and subconscious activity. An enigma containing many dark unexplored corridors, a lot of which is still unlabeled and unexplained. Psychologists have yet to pinpoint the exact location of where memories are formed and stored. "Take, for example, the nature of memory. Every man alive is remembering all the time. Yet nobody knows how he does it, although there are plenty of theories"(Heywood p.9). What if there are ESP receptors in the brain that we don't...