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I was born in 1976 and have grown up in an age of technology. I never knew a time where man was not able to walk on the moon, where the only ways to travel took physical exertion, or where entertainment was not provided by electronical means. The majority of my comfortable life has been taken for granted. And my life has not been as leisurely and comfortable as many of my American generation. I am tempted to write most of this paper on the dichotomy of our technological society. The discussion of the pros and cons of technology and where I stand in the matter has been my main interest in this course. But I realize the assignment is to compare The existential Pleasures of Engineering and Declaration of a Heretic. I am not quite sure how to get 15-20 pages out of those two books. I was not overly impressed with the reading.

Florman sounds like an offended child with his main defense being ?No we?re not. You are.? He speaks in circles and spends too much time on arguments that I feel to be irrelevant. Rifkin, on the other hand, has some very valid points. But his conclusion seems to be a little too idealistic. His conclusion is one I have come to in other aspects of my life and it is could be possible, but it is putting a lot of faith in the human race.

I will begin by presenting the main points and arguments Florman makes in The Existential Pleasures of Engineering. I will then do the same thing with Rifkin?s Declaration of a Heretic. I will add a few of my own thoughts, but for this part of the paper I want to primarily introduce you, the reader, to both of...