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Hi, my name is bob. What I do for fun is skateboard. I would skateboard everyday thinking I would never get hurt. One day I went skateboarding and I did get hurt. I broke my foot. Till this day I can still remember the pain I felt. It's a terrible feeling and because of that I remember it so well.

I went skateboarding at one of my favorite skateboarding spots. I had been skating all day almost. It was hot, and I was tired, I couldn't see with all the sweat that was beading down my face. I had been trying to land this trick for a good 30 minutes. I wanted try one more time before I left. Being so tired I should have known that I wasn't going to land it but, I tried anyway. Wiping the sweat from my forehead I pushed my board.

The wheels squeaked as I took of, as I gained momentum I hopped on the board. My shoes grinded into the board ready to spring off. In mid air I knew I wasn't going to land but with only a split second I had no time to react. There was nothing I could do. No way to avoid what happened.

I don't know how it really broke; maybe the board hit it or the way I landed. I felt a sharp pain shoot up my foot. At first I did not react to the pain, for I was so shocked at how much it hurt. I didn't move, and then I looked down at it. The real pain started to settle in as I looked around. No one was around, as I wanted it because I would have felt stupid asking for help. Sitting in the road I quickly got up, threw my skateboard out of the way and hopped to the nearest bench. As I took of my shoe witch was not easy task because the more I moved the shoe the more it hurt. Slowly I pulled and finally it came off, I had expected the worst but, in reality nothing was wrong. Not even swelling. So for a minute I was ok.

Then I had a problem. Thinking it was not broken I tried to walk. I couldn't and the longer I sat the more it swelled. By now I knew it was in fact broke. With no change to call my mother I had no choice but to walk home. During that walk I felt more pain then I ever have before. After the first ten feet I decided to skateboard keeping my bad foot on the board not put much weight on it or moving it. That idea worked allowing me to get home ok. When I got home I saw my mom as she was leaving for work. Hiding my pain I told her I hurt my foot. Not thinking much of it she said, "put ice on it". "Ok" I said, with a fake smile. When my dad got home it was different, as soon as he walked in he knew as I did that there was something wrong. "I'm taking you to the hospital that foot is broke." He said, I pleaded to not go but I had to. So that as it was castled.

What I should have learned from this whole thing is that skateboarding is dangerous and not to take so many chances. But, I can't say I did. I still skateboard and continue to take many chances because, its fun. What I do know is that every time I get hurt land wrong or go to my favorite skate spot. I remember that day and what happened. And I don't think I'll ever forget it.