Skeleton's in the Closet. A creative imaginative story about a deadly disease threatening to kill all life on earth.

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Skeletons in the closet

It is the year 2112 and the incurable 'kills all' disease plagues the world. The disease attacks all forms of life and has spread at such a fast rate that nobody has been able to find a cure. Scientists attempting to find a cure for the disease are more susceptible to catching the disease; this has caused mass hysteria, especially in what remains of the United States of America. People are confined to sealed buildings and old bomb shelters, as the disease has not yet been reported to pass through solid walls. The disease however can pass through cracks in walls having a devastating effect, as it wipes out the large numbers of people that have packed into the building or shelter in a matter of minutes. Human, animal and plant numbers as halved since the outbreak a few days ago, and it seems that even if people keep hiding they will be avoiding the inevitable as at this rate the disease will wipe out human food resources in a matter of days.

The wacky President of what was left of the United States of America, George Bush VIII, in light of the crisis promises a large reward to anyone who would free the world from this plague. As nobody can get near to finding a cure before meeting their untimely death since the President's announcement, President George Bush VIII upped the stakes. The President announced that he would grant the Nobel Peace Prize, fame, fortune and marriage to Super-Galactic-Model Neptula Smith, (who had volunteered for the cause as part of her Charity for the Galaxy Appeal) to the person who would rid the world of the 'kills all' disease. Two brothers, Fred and Bob Jones, in the ruined state of Tennessee caught word of the...