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SKIING Do you like to be out in the snow, get some fresh air, and have fun at the same time well then skiing is the way to go. Skiing is a fun and exciting way to enjoy the winter months and it also is gives you an exercise while you are taking on the slopes. Even if you are not a very good skier at first, you can practice on smaller hills and work up to the larger hills and become an expert. The main things you need to know to get started are what kind of boots and skies to get, how to use the kinds of equipment and what clothing is best to ware, and the basic steps on how to ski. If you practice and don't give up skiing can be as easy as riding a bike.

The main reason people fall when they ski is because they don't keep their skies in the correct position when descending from the slope.

If you have never skied before you need to make sure that you get boots and skies that fit. The boots need to fit tight enough so that you can't move your ankle, and you need to ware a couple of pairs of socks to prevent blisters. When you get your skies, if you are a beginner, you should probably get shorter skies. The reason shorter skies are better is because they are not as fast which gives you better control for getting used to turning. Shorter skies are also better than longer skies when you are trying to stop. As you get better you can get longer skies which allow you to move faster down the hill. There are usually many different sizes of skies to rent or buy. If you are not really sure on what type of ski or boot to use then the best thing to do is ask.

Being able to get the equipment and being able to use the equipment are two different things. Once people get the equipment they need for skiing they usually don't know how it use it properly. In some cases using the equipment properly can save you from getting seriously hurt or injured. When you get your boots on you need to make sure they don't fit to tight, but not to loose, into the binding on the ski. The binding is a piece of hardware that is attached to the ski. You step into the binding that clips your boots on and attaches the boot to the ski. The reason you need to check the fit is because when you fall if it fits to tight the ski will not come off and it will hurt your legs. If it is to loose your skies will come off when you don't want them to. You will also get two poles that help keep you stable and upright while skiing. You need to ware clothes that repel water and are comfortable. If you get wet and cold skiing will be miserable and you will want to quit. If you have the write equipment and know how it use it and you are comfortable, it will make skiing more enjoyable.

Once you get all the things needed to ski it's now time to hit the slopes. If you have never skied before or know little about skiing then you need to take a short lesson of the basic steps in skiing. First off you need to go down a small bunny hill to get the hang of it before trying to take on the bigger slopes. When going down the hill you need to keep your skies parallel. If you don't they will cross on top of each other and you will fall on your face. When you get used to that you need to work on turning. You always should have your knees bent. If you want to turn left put your weight on your right leg and turn it left while keeping your weight off the other leg. Do the same thing for right hand turns except put your weight on the left leg. Use your ski poles to keep your balance. Start at one side of the hill and go back and forth till you get to the bottom. It takes a while to get used to doing this. Turning is what makes you go faster or slower down the hill, the more you turn the slower you go. The next thing is stopping. There are a couple ways to stop. You can start out the same way you turn except keep your skies horizontal on the slop until you come to a sliding stop. Another way is called snow plowing, which all you do is turn both of your skies inward until they are three or four inches apart. The last type of stopping is falling or running into someone or something, which is not recommended. That is basically the steps you need to know for skiing down the slopes.

If you still think that you can't ski, you can! All you have to do is go out and do it. Take the knowledge about the equipment used and the steps in skiing you now know and you will be able to ski like a pro. Usually no matter ware you live you can find a place to ski that is pretty close. So why wait? Ski!!