Skiing vs. Skating; Judgment Day.

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Skiing vs. Skating; Judgment Day

Skiing and skating are very different, but they are still the same in some ways too. Obviously skiing is much better, but there are pros and cons to both. In the following essay, skiing and skating will be contrasted using their similarities, and differences.

Skiing and skating are both winter sports. This is a known similarity. They are both most commonly done in the winter specifically, between November and March, both can go a month either way sometimes depending on whether its snowing and whether people want to do it.

Another similarity between skiing and skating is that they are both done in constant motion. This is obvious; skiing is done on a hill, while moving constantly, and speed checking on the way down. Skating is done on an ice rink, while propelling yourself with your legs, also in a constant motion.

Although there are some similarities between skiing and skating, there are also differences; the fact that skiing and skating are not both done under the same conditions is a good example.

This is very obvious if you were to do both. Skating is done inside on a rink, usually inside, sometimes outside, but either way it's done on ice. Skiing however is done under much different conditions. Skiing is done outside, on a hill covered with snow. While skiing there is also wind, and snow a lot of the time. Where as in skating it is done either inside, where it is completely sheltered or outside, in a place sheltered by wind.

In both sports there is equipment but obviously the equipment has to differ. The equipment in skiing is obviously used pertaining to the fact it's an outdoor sport. Usually you would wear a ski jacket, and ski pants, as...